About Dr. Borghese

My interest in psychology began after experiencing insights in my own therapy. I spent 2 decades training in Eastern and Western philosophies of healing to best understand the human condition and mechanisms of change. This brought me to study yoga and meditation, connect with indigenous traditions, obtain a Master’s in Art Psychotherapy, and become a Clinical Psychologist.

Through a committed therapeutic alliance, I help my patients connect to their innate resources for wholeness and healing. I work with adolescents and adults in individual and couples therapy, where I use psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral tools to foster awareness and growth. I offer deep empathic listening coupled with strategies and actionable steps to produce shifts in lifestyle and consciousness. I have trained in psychiatric and VA hospitals, addiction and eating disorder facilities, college counseling centers, and community clinics. My research projects have investigated issues related to eating disorders, cultural identity, and trauma. When I am not working as a psychologist, I enjoy meditating, painting, and playing with my dog.

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