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Why therapy?

Regardless of what challenges you face, human beings are innately wired to grow, develop meaning, and connect. A therapeutic relationship can help foster this process. My work offers a holistic and tailored treatment approach to help you create a balanced and satisfying life. We work together to understand what holds you back from your best self and how to better understand the patterns that show up in your relationships.
I love the work I do, and I am excited you found yourself at this crossroads, even if what brought you here is confusing or painful, be it a divorce, diagnosis, loss, or supposed dead end. If you feel called to understand yourself deeper and develop a more meaningful relationship with your world, I invite you to reach out to me for a free consultation to see if I may serve your path.

What I Treat

Maybe you’ve tried therapy before and it didn’t go as you hoped. Every relationship is different and it may be a process to find someone who gets you.
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Anxiety & Depression

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Life Transitions

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Relationship Conflicts

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Trauma & PTSD

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Chronic Pain

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Infertility & Postpartum Concerns

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Addictions, Eating Disorders,
& Body Dysmorphia

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Issues with Self-Esteem
& Self-Acceptance

About Labyrinth Psychology

A labyrinth is a complicated, irregularnetwork of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one’s way. You enter and cannot immediately see where the path is taking you. You don’t arrive at the end directly, but wind back and forth circuitously. The process of discovering your destination as you go and allowing yourself to be guided by newfound boundaries and awareness produces a shift in consciousness.

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